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The Power: example pages

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All illustrations and text ©Dan Welchman Productions (our publisher). Not to be used or copied without written permission from the publisher.

The pages below are a left and right page spread from Chapter four of "The Power". You can click on the pages to see a larger, more detailed view. The liberal use of full colour illustrations is typical. You can also see how we use blocks of background colour to pick out special sections in the text. In this case there is an exercise (the pink box on the right hand page) and the answers are found upside down in another pink box at the bottom. Like most of the exercises in our books, several plausible wrong answers are explained as well as the correct one. This can be handy on those occasions when you "nearly" got it right!

Chapter four of "The Power" describes Chef's great kitchen telegraph which relays orders from up in the restaurant to the basement where the food is prepared. These pages show the MkIV telegraph which uses rotating sticks each of which has 4 signalling positions. This enables us to cope with up to 4n different dishes (where n is the number of sticks in the telegraph). For the full story you will have to read the book!