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1. Expensive paint and jungle juice

The "square" and the "cube" of a number.

2. Bendy joists and hurricanes

High powers beyond the cube.
Applications which are not to do with areas, volumes or shapes.

3. Passwords and interest

Powers as high as you like.
Numbers of permutations.

4. The great kitchen telegraph

The binary system.
Raising a number to the power x.

Song. "The Power of one"

Performed by Katrina and the Captain Astounding quartet.

5. Powerful colours

Colour vision.
How many different possible colours there are.

6. The square root of all evil

When you know the answer but need to work out what the question must have been.

7. Strange powers

Raising a number to a power that isn't a whole number, like 2.5
What it means and why it's useful

8. What power do you need?

When you know the question and the answer but need to work out what power.

Appendix 1

Summary and useful formulae.

Appendix 2

The super-sophisticates' lounge (what isn't included).