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All illustrations and text ©Dan Welchman Productions (our publisher). Not to be used or copied without written permission from the publisher.

The Captain Astounding books are richly illustrated and printed on top quality extra heavy weight paper. Full four colour printing is used throughout, both for the illustrations and for colour coding different topics. There are copious exercises (colour coded pink!) for which we not only give the correct answers, but also some common incorrect answers so you can see where you went wrong. You'll recognise them in the bookshop thanks to the unmistakeable shiny metallic spine, -a feature of our publisher's luxurious and highly durable binding process. The covers are laminated in heavy gauge PVC for added protection and the spine hinges separately from the book block itself giving excellent "lay flat" properties.

Keen school students will enjoy them as much as undergraduates and adult learners. But they're not text books. With their rich vein of humour they make an excellent read for their own sake. Kjartan Poskitt, author of the famous Murderous Maths books describes the Captain Astounding series as
"some new, clever, colourful books that have a new approach to maths that we really like"

"The Power" is a highly entertaining saga about raising a positive number to a positive power (for people who may have forgotten exactly what that means). This includes most people, especially when it comes to those "strange" powers like x1.5 and the like. It covers squares, cubes, and the higher powers too. Then there are square roots, cube roots, and even the dreaded logarithm. You can click on the cover (right) to see a larger version. For further information have a look at some sample pages or browse the table of contents.

You can buy a copy right now from our online shop It costs just 11.99 and we pay for the postage and packing.

Alternatively, you can order it from Amazon.

"The Probability" is a gripping tale of chance, fate, gambling, and permutations. Just the job for anyone who can't remember what a permutation is. It gets right to the core meaning of all those principles of probability and statistics. And it's funny. Even the mysterious factorial and the elusive standard deviation don't get away.

Coming soon! (due to be published spring 2005)