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The Captain Astounding Trophy 2004 winner announced!

A pat on the back for brilliant promoters of maths, science and technology
...we are delighted to announce the 2004 winner!...
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All illustrations and text ©Dan Welchman Productions (our publisher). Not to be used or copied without written permission from the publisher.

Here it is. The coveted Captain Astounding trophy for heroes of education. The highest accolade that can be awarded to an educator in the field of mathematics, science or technology. It's a gleaming sculpture about 20cm high depicting a famous Fulchester nightclub owner. We cast a new copy specially for each winner so it's a trophy for keeps (just like an Oscar, but much more handsome). You can click on the image at left for a higher resolution photo.

Who can win it?

Any hero of education can win the Captain Astounding trophy, be they teacher, author, broadcaster or freelance pirate populariser. But winners tend to be UK based educators with some kind of web presence offering free educational material. One thing all winners have in common is a gift for infecting others with their enthusiasm for maths or science or technology

Why do we do it?

You'd be surprised how many heroes there are out there. Once you start surfing you'll run into hundreds of them. We'd give awards to all of them if we could, but for the time being it'll just have to be for the most outstanding few. Dan Welchman, boss of our publishers Dan Welchman Productions explains...

"I think it is vital that we celebrate our champions of education, especially those who promote mathematics and the numerate disciplines. We sponsor the Captain Astounding trophy to help raise awareness of these people and the great work they are doing. They are the ones who are putting the fun back into mathematics, fostering really good solid understanding and sharing delight in their subjects. These are the people who are paving the way to a more technologically literate society."

Do you know a hero of education who deserves to win the Captain Astounding trophy? If so then why not send me an email at . Who knows? they might be the next winner!